With Microsoft and JIO, Indian businesses can count on a partnership that will work shoulder-to-shoulder with them in their journey towards becoming digital enterprises of the future.To further our connectivity vision of empowering digital enterprises of the future, today I want to make 2 special announcements for STARTUPS AND SMALL and MEDIUM BUSINESSES.

JIO is a startup built in India for India by Indians. And we have a special place in our hearts for startups. You may know that 80% of the cost of running a startup goes towards cloud and connectivity infrastructure. I want to announce today that Jio is ready to take away this cost by making THE CONNECTIVITY AND CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR BUDDING STARTUPS. I urge all startups to register for their custom-designed package on Jio.com from 1st Jan, 2020. JIO will also invest and financially support those startups that have the potential to address India’s big needs in agriculture, healthcare, education and skill development which will boost the creation of new livelihoods.

Micro, small and medium businesses are the bedrock of Indian economy. To run their business, a bundle of connectivity, productivity and automation tools costs a micro and small business between 15,000 and 20,000 per month currently. For a similar service, customers abroad pay over 1,000 Dollars per month.

Today we are taking the bold step of giving these applications along with our connectivity to small businesses for 1/10th the cost starting at 1,500 per month. Now all small business will have access to unlimited enterprise-grade voice and data services, video conferencing, security solutions, marketing and sales solutions and many more productivity tools that will help them run their business efficiently and at par with larger enterprises.

The medium and larger businesses spend even higher between ` 3 – 5 Lacs per month for which we have custom- designed plans with similar value benefits. With this step, I am certain that the two to five million micro, small and medium enterprises will propel towards prosperity and march towards creating a NEW DIGITAL INDIA.

We are at what I call the end of the beginning of the JIO story.
We have built a robust connectivity business our first pillar with multiple growth engines that provide significant upsides. And our second pillar digital platforms is JIO’s contribution to transform India into an AI-first economy across all sectors and all walks of life. It is my passion and conviction that New India will lead and not follow the advanced nations of the world in adopting, even creating disruptive technologies that will decide the winners and losers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.