Samco Securities launches “StockBasket”

Samco Securities Ltd, India’s leading discount broking firm launches “StockBasket” – a one-click long-term equity investment product for retail investors across India. StockBasket is ready-made, low cost, off the shelf-FMCG type, savings cum investment product to meet the varying needs of retail investors in India. Stocks are selected and monitored through experts that help investors in investing and staying in high-quality wealth-creating companies to meet their long-term investment goals.

StockBasket is for everyone as it is an Investment Platform and not a Trading Platform:

  • Every StockBasket comprises of great companies that have been picked by SAMCO’s research using a checklist consisting of principles laid down by Warren  Buffet and Benjamin Graham all coded through in the form of Smart Algorithms
  • Each Basket consists of 7 to 12 well-diversified stocks which are designed with a minimum recommended holding period of 5 years
  • StockBasket is very focused goal-based investing where baskets are created based on different goals, needs, and time horizon – “International Vacation Basket”, “Leaders of Tomorrow”, “India’s Biggest Brands”, “Retire in 2040”, “4x target in 10 years” are some of the unique names that Samco’s StockBaskets are designed to deliver.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Jimeet Modi, Founder & CEO, Samco Securities, and StockNote said, “There are 400-500 million people waiting to become equity investors but don’t know where to invest. There are another 40-50 million investors waiting to generate returns but somehow don’t know how to generate superior returns. India will truly progress if these masses come and join the mainstream financial markets. With this purpose, we have made a simple, one-click, off the shelf-FMCG type, a savings-cum-investment product called StockBasket. When people invest in such long term focused readymade investment solutions, they are bound to make superior returns which will truly bring in all-round prosperity and a more sustained wealth in the hands of retail investors. We are moving forward from a pure transactional platform to a more sustained value-added packaged solution in a socially responsible way for the betterment of the entire investing population.”

Commenting on the launch Mr Umesh Mehta, Head of Research said, “In a seamlessly connected world, acquiring knowledge is not rocket science, but most investors are still losing money, the churning velocity is at its highest but in no way this habit can be changed, these are behavioral issues and will be kept on repeated time and again.  It is only when the Investors are (hand-held) airlifted in an ecosystem wherein they are asked to invest in a portfolio of great companies for a minimum period of 5 years, they can make superior returns consistently, otherwise, no amount of self-driving their investing journey is going to make money for them, we have seen and observed in countless cases. StockBasket is an effort to solve this problem at far lower costs, in a much more transparent way for his/her financial well-being.”

StockBasket comes with one of its kind “Fee Refund Guarantee” unheard in the financial services industry. If a StockBasket investor does not make positive returns at the end of 5 years in any of the StockBasket he/she has invested, refund of entire Research Subscription fees paid over five years will be refunded, no questions asked and at the same time if the investor exits StockBasket earlier than 5 years, exit will fee will be higher than normal just to act as deterrent for premature exit from the basket.