With an advent growth in the social media industry, there has been a definite change in the mode of communication between every individual. Moreover, people are getting addicted to social media so much that industries are also changing their way of working. Similar is the case with the PR industry which has also adopted the social medium of communication since last few years.

PR basically involves sharing newsworthy content/ information amongst various mediums that will be helpful in reaching a large number of masses. Through social media, this activity could be done rapidly. Through this activity, PR’s could create social media handles and engage people proactively, creating a good brand value. Moreover, people can directly communicate with the employees of the company and share their feedback instantly. This activity also saves time and energy.

Professionals these days are adopting and using social media proactively as they engage and win the loyalty of their customers strategically. The companies hire a social media division and strategies their social activities for effective dissemination of their content that will be visible across countries. 

Different platforms through which brand can engage socially includes facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, google+, Pinterest and many others. These platforms are beneficial in spreading out messages on the new launch, awards, upcoming events, introducing a new brand and crisis management during the time of emergency.

Social media allows the brand to develop more of its personality and shape a different image of their brand. It also minimizes the response time and wider audience engagement as compared to traditional PR techniques. 

Another important factor is that we can easily analyze the content over social media with a quick response from the audience. Data analytics also put into building more flourishing campaigns. Consider Barack Obama’s successful 2012 re-election campaign, which was heavily focused on social media data and analytics in order to decide how campaign messages resonated with different audiences.