Bengaluru deemed as the Creative Capital of India

Changing Landscape of Sandalwood — A technology Perspective

The ‘star event’ of the day 3 of Bengaluru GAFX was the Kannada Film Industry Panel moderated by Mr. B.S.Srinivas, Secretary of ABAI. The panel had stalwarts from the industry, Kannada actor, producer and distributor Mr. Rockline Venkatesh, National Film Awardee and Kannada filmmaker and producer Rajendra Singh Babu along with Udayaravi Hegde, MD, Unifi Media, and Cinematographer Gnanamurthy N.

The panel discussed that the Kannada Film Industry has come a long way, yet there is a need to keep up with the technology in order to not be left behind. They discussed the growth in creativity and production quality possible due to the use of digital technology, for both production and post-production processes.

VFX also stole the limelight as Axel Bonami, the VFX Supervisor at MPC Film, who has worked on  ‘Sivaji-The Boss,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,’ among others at the session ‘Bringing Magic to the Big Screen.’

He used his journey to elaborate on the process and possibilities that the VFX sector has to offer.  

Applauding the MPC team at Bengaluru, he said the team in the city is the big facility as most of the asset team is from here. “Our compositing team in Bengaluru has worked on big franchise movies such as ‘Monster Trucks,’ ‘X-Men Apocalypse,’ and the yet to be released movie ’Underwater.’

‘Women in Animation: Gender Equality in Creative Arts’ 

Another session that witnessed a large number of crowd in attendance is ‘Women in Animation: Gender Equality in Creative Arts.’ The session was moderated by Kiran Prasad, Head of Productions at MPC Films and participated by Payal Dani, Head of Creative Operations, Mill Film, Anugraha Pearly, Programming Manager, Sun Network, Priya Krishnan, Director- Business Development, IMAX, and Anika Negi, Light Producer, Technicolor Games.

The discussion revolved around the relevance and importance of women in the field of animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics. 

They noted that the involvement of women in the field of media and entertainment in India is drastically low as opposed to the global scenario. They agreed that there needs to be a change in the perspective as women can work equally as men in the field of VFX and obtain promising results. 

“There is awareness in ensuring the hiring of women to up the inclusiveness. Our internship programs focus on hiring only women. A conscious effort was made a few years ago that has led women to occupy high leadership roles in the company,” said Payal Dani of Mill Film. 

The day also saw Jaykar Arudra from VFX Supervisor, DNEG, elaborating over the making of ‘Venom,’  while Daniel Seddon from MPC Advertising addressed the enthusiasts on ‘Creatures and Other Wonders – The Magic of VFX’ and Chris Harlowe, Head of Studio, Rakesh Venugopalan, Head of 2D and Dhiren Karkhera, Head of 3D of The Mill— a VFX house that works mostly on commercials, introduced to the crowd their ’Nike- Dream Further’ built in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy and Director Francois Rousselet at the session ‘Imagery Powers Brands.’ Some of the other sessions included ‘Best of Firefly’ by Sanath PC, ‘Distinctly Indian Animation,’ by Vaibhav Kumaresh of Vaibhav Studios and ‘Best of Red Chillies VFX’ by Ronak Sanghadia, VFX Supervisor at redchillies.vfx.