Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) was launched at IIHMR U today. The aim of the Centre is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation using the 360-degree approach to enable start-ups. This prestigious occasion marks another feather in the university’s already accolade-filled hat, making it a winning situation for the nation at large. The launch was witnessed by eminent members of the industries including Dr Geoffrey Clements, Chairman and Director for India of Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners (CIP), Dr Sheenu Jhawar, Alumni, IIHMR &Director Apex Hospital, Jaipur Mr Aditya Arora, Co-Founder and CEO, FAAD Network Private Ltd, Delhi (assists early-stage start-ups to raise capital through its network of Angel Investors, HNIs, VC Firms, Family Offices and Debt Funding Professional) and Dr Arun Pareek, Executive Director, TiE Rajasthan, among others.

Held from 23rd-26th of September, 2019, the core of the launch was on laying a foundation of fostering and helping entrepreneurial dreams reach its zenith of success. While IIHMR’s steadfast approach towards quality education and improvement of the healthcare scenario has helped in creating a valued position across both national and global educational industry, this is a first for them in terms addressing the entrepreneurial boom. With an aim to create an all-conducive ecosystem that nurtures the cause of populating the nation with innovation, IIHMR-U moves ahead to elevate their services and offerings.

 On the occasion, Dr. Geoffrey Clements, Chairman, and Director for India of Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners (CIP)said that Entrepreneurship is essential in every field, starting from finance, hospitality to healthcare. Especially in healthcare, it is essential to create positive disruptions that help save lives and serve mankind better. For developing countries, healthcare often veers into an inaccessible territory as the cost of care and diagnosis increases with the demand- here entrepreneurship and innovation would level out the field in making healthcare more affordable and accessible for all, where India is the champion of this phenomenon. He further added that he was excited to know that the Indian change makers who are working tirelessly to create a better world for all.

Mr. Aditya Arora, Co-Founder, and CEO, FAAD Network Private Ltd, Delhi said that such events provide a plethora of burning ideas that can be incubated into brilliant ventures. This is essentially what an incubation center does, brewing ideas into an actionable venture that would take India’s goodwill ahead. It is the access to all the apt resources and knowledge that helps in boosting up any idea under the sun. Yet, what works further as an asset is industry-based feedback on receives from these centers- a pertinent factor in today’s hit-and-miss world.

On the occasion, Dr. Pankaj Gupta, President, IIHMR University, Jaipur said that India’s entrepreneurial boom is something to be marveled about, as it goes ahead to garner attention from all the key international entities that dictate the tone of the market. Despite this promising fact, it is also true that for every successful start-up, there are those ideas that don’t see the light of the day, owing to financial and other constraints. In such circumstances, while mental preparedness and Eklavya like devotion are key, incubation and pre-incubation are also required, to provide the necessary boost. He further added that IIHMR believes in providing unwavering support to the young entrepreneurs, if they provide ideas that can be worked upon, with unflinching conviction.