Sunshine Festival: kicking off the year in support of the LGBT community

Equality, Inclusivity, Diversity…… these words now have a stronger meaning than ever. With the rise in public awareness and people wanting to bring a change in society, Sunshine In You Initiatives has organized a one-day event, not only to support the LGBT community but also celebrate every individual. With panel discussions and performances throughout the day, one can also interact with professionals from different industries and learn more about the practices they follow in order to actually achieve an inclusive atmosphere. 

We had a chat with Madhurima Mazumdar, the founder of Sunshine In You Initiatives, who has always been vocal about sensitive topics. The Sunshine Festival was created for the first time in 2017 with the pure intention of bringing people together walking on a common path and provide them a platform to express, showcase and network with like-minded people and also spread their wings. Sharing her views on the sensitive topic is Capgemini India, who is a supporter not only for the event but also promote inclusivity at their workplace. 

Madhurima is a Healer, Therapist and an Emotional Coach working with individuals and groups to enhance their potential and enable them to get aligned to their pure consciousness.

Nat24: How has your journey been from being Healer, Therapist and an Emotional Coach to the organizer of Sunshine In You Initiatives?

Madhurima: It was a gradual journey that started with the intention to create a platform where like-minded individuals can be brought together and create something holistic for emotional and mental wellness. 

Nat24: What made you organize this kind of event?

Madhurima: The pure intention to create and curate events with innovative themes and activities for mental and emotional wellness for diff segments of society.

Nat24: How has this event & past events impacted the lives of people? (more details about past & present event)

Madhurima: We have focused on spiritual healers and promoted them to a larger audience, then women entrepreneurs who are with startups, to music based healers in our last event. Every Sunshine Festival theme has been curated keeping in mind a target audience and it’s a network.

Nat24: Where are you heading with the Sunshine In You Initiatives? (expansion & future plans)

Madhurima: Sunshine Festival is our annual event and going forward I would like to curate events around children and adults with specific topics as per my awareness and what the world around demands. Emotional wellness and Self Love are something very close to my heart so most of my future events will be focusing on the same. 

Nat24: Is Sunshine In You Initiatives an event company, if not then how you formulate it?

Madhurima: It’s not an event company, but it’s an initiative to create events, festivals, meetups, talks, musicals, theatre performance and more all related to mental and emotional wellness. My aim is to bring healing/therapy and art under the same roof. 

Nat24: Why this event is about the LGBTQ community & How you think it’s going to change the mindset of our society?

Madhurima: It all started with my own questions and curiosity about the community and I realized how less informed and unaware I am related to the different aspects. What are the employment opportunities, what are the legal rights, what are the physical and sexual wellness and how open are the other industries in accepting them?

Nat24: Is Sunshine In You Initiatives building the community in specific segments (Social, Startups & Entertainment) If Yes, What are those segments & why?

Madhurima: We have just started our journey, and intention is to reach every school, household, mnc and city of the country and spread awareness about mental and emotional wellness through various events and initiatives. 

Registrations are free, but RSVP is mandatory as there are limited seats. To register to fill the form:

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