The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa steeped in a rich atmosphere and ethereal surroundings is the destination hotel that delivers an immersive guest experience. Set in the   picturesque Aravalli ranges, Recharge, their unique indoor theatre experience takes entertainment and dining to the next level of indulgence.

The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa offers its patrons aesthetically pleasing rooms, cosy villas, a tranquil spa and other facilities that wow their guests. A facility that goes beyond extravagance is, Recharge, a luxury theatre that offers a world-class movie experience to guests. The fascinating indoor cinema and its environs boast of luxury recliners, a giant screen which combines exquisitely with exemplary service including fine wines and delicious dining options. The standout feature for guests would be snuggling into soft seats with warm quilts, hot buttery popcorn and other delightful treats while they catch the latest indie flick of their choice.

Adding to their extensive list of adventures and amenities delivering extraordinary experiences, the resort property in Pushkar proudly showcases their plush indoor theatre and offers their guests with a personalized and immersive cinema setting. Decadent surroundings, the overall ambience, keen attention to detail; Recharge encompasses all the elements that are captivating and exciting for the movie buff. Popular among families on a vacation, couples on a holiday and just about any guest, the theatre beckons a diverse audience.

The mission of this indoor theatre is to deliver a premium movie watching experience for movie aficionados even on their vacations. New and latest technologies that extend beyond the theatre screen include seating and other innovative amenities. The mesmerizing glamour of age old cinema is in fact enhanced culminating in an enriched escapade into a beauteous world of fantasy.