encouraging small town women to be a home chef to experiment with the different kind of food

It’s been quite some time since the world was first introduced to reality TV cooking shows, cooking channels, celebrity chefs and Instagram food pictures. But the trend has only gained in popularity over the years and its effects are clear to see. People’s interest in food has broadened, they’re eager to experiment, willing to take risks and bold to try out the new which they have never seen before and the forgotten delights of the culinary world. That holds true for Indians as well!

It’s very important to know what the younger generation wants from their workplace. It’s always something new and interesting. The mango man who is a casual restaurant-goer wants a satisfying experience. The working people are no longer content with the staple food and are seeking out for more healthy food which is stomach filling.

The culinary industry has never accepted and is still not ready for home chefs to enter the occupation! With the before mentioned ready audience, the emergence and demand of online food portals, food delivery agents, the home chef have a lot of upper hands to leverage and a possibility of the rich industry to tap into. Of course, all that’s only possible if you are a Home chef living in the city…or is it? Yes, there are opportunities for the home chef to tap into the industry if they’re from a small city and especially if they’re women.

Time and again, it has been observed and has been a hot topic for discussion, a small town or city would simply not have the kind of demand that a Home Chef could tap into. I believe, as long as people need to eat, there’s always an opportunity for a chef! The major problem with small towns is they are the largest untapped market when it comes to the home chef. If we figure out on what kind of food consumption and service they prefer and what does the target customer opt for, whether they prefer a tiffin service, a street-side food truck, a restaurant pop up, etc, once that is clear, we have a  large audience and few huge competitions.

The next thing to look into is – cost. Wouldn’t the entire venture be too pricey? When you visit a restaurant and notice that the amount you paid on that food, you will come to know that the food & beverage business is an expensive one. But seeing as you’re venturing forth, as a Home Chef, and not a professional one, you have few advantages with a commercial restaurant.

The first thing is, you prepare half of your food and put your best efforts in your kitchen which spares you the cost of owning or renting a commercial kitchen. In rare cases where you need a larger kitchen, renting still works. But when it comes to smaller towns, the price may be comparatively reasonable to a larger city. Your primary expenses will be buying ingredients and the necessary cookware. The advantage with small towns is that they can easily get access from fresh produce suppliers who stay closer to location and are easy to get in touch with. This can give you a great advantage in terms of the pricing of ingredients and freshness.

The other advantage of being a home chef is you can decide on what scale you wish to provide your service. You can maintain your business on a small scale, based on your availability, the effort you wish to put in and how much of a profit margin you wish to keep. Or scale it up, if you’ve gathered the capital and have the demand. Being a Home chef gives you a great deal of flexibility on how you wish to conduct business and from where.

You may think that the idea of global cuisine may not work with a small-town population or that regional cuisine will be too common. I’d counter by saying you never know! Being a Home chef, it gives you a chance to experiment with the kind of food you want to serve to people. Perhaps you want to keep to lunch meals and street food trucks while keeping an eye on profits or perhaps you love cooking and want to share your family’s specialties with the rest of the world or maybe you just like having people try out your latest creations. Figure out the kind of food you want to serve and then based on the response; match it with the most sustainable way of serving it.

Like I said earlier, being a woman Home chef has certain advantages. One of the biggest advantages is you get to work from home while being able to balance household commitments. It’s also one of the means to be financially independent or to generate additional financial income for your family. And you can do this while capitalizing on an activity that is generally part of your everyday activity. Being a home chef also gives you the chance to decide include ingredients and shopping time with your rate or price individual components independently. This gives you leeway in deciding both when you work and what kind of income you earn.

There is no guaranteed formula for success. You need to be passionate about what you do because it keeps you going when things are tough. I believe one should never be afraid to think big and dream big. You need to do your research and you must be ever ready to learn and adapt. Keep this in mind and you have a great chance of making your dreams of being a Home Chef come true!