Shinysleep is one of the pioneer mattress brands in India, has launched its new eco-friendly and anti-microbial latex mattress product.

These Latex mattresses are 100 percent natural and are proven to be extremely durable in comparison to other mattresses in the market. Natural latex foam is constructed in such a way that it conforms with several aesthetic quality standards. Latex mattresses are authenticated by the OEKO-TEX certification which is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as for accessories.

Latex mattress products are elegant, comfortable and nature-friendly with natural latex foam which is much more preferable over the synthetic mattresses. It is also much milder and less abrasive odor and latex is the magic fluid used up in the mattresses which provides you the comfort of your life” said Tarun Chugh, Founder of Shinysleep.

Latex mattresses products are available in two types, pure latex mattress, and synthetic latex mattress. The pure latex mattress is a green alternative, which incorporates natural latex being devoid of any chemical substances. Synthetic latex contains the same molecular compound as natural latex but the only difference is that it is constructed up of man-made ingredients. 

About Shinysleep

Shinysleep is one of the pioneer mattress brands in India, providing different types of mattresses for everyone. It was founded in 2017 with an intense passion for creating a perfect mattress for people of every age group. With analyzing the need for today’s stressful life with basic requirements, Shinysleep came out with different sleeping products that would cater to consumers by the process of decision-making for end consumers such as latex mattress, ortho plus mattress, ortho plus memory form mattress, orthopedic Memory foam mattress, pocket spring mattress, and dual comfort. Additionally, they have various types of pillows and mattress protectors to cater to their needs.