The Aarey forests are the lungs of Mumbai : Shunila Joy Chauhan - Principal of Thakur International School Cambridge

The Aarey forests are the lungs of Mumbai. 2500 trees were cut down in the Aarey colony. Cutting down the trees in the Aarey forest will lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem. If the Supreme court does not intervene, three thousand trees will be cut down resulting in an ecological catastrophe as they are on the banks of the Mithi river and could cause flooding. This project will require 50,000 liters of fresh quality groundwater every day to wash the harmful effects which will lead to the drying of the forests.

Making a metro car shed is important, but if the government is planning to make a 33 storey tall commercial building called Metro Bhavan, an RTO office,  restaurants, gyms, etc. it will be the death of our forests. There have been several suggestions about planting saplings. But why cut down what is already existing?

In April, a human chain was formed in Mumbai to protest against the fast depletion of green cover. In September 2018,  Aarey residents led a massive campaign to stop deforestation, bringing the issue into the spotlight.