2019 Innerwear Trends by young entrepreneur Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX

With advancing technological changes coming our way, fashionable trends are no exceptions. In fact, some of the most amazing innovations have come from this industry. The fashion industry has grown more challenging, thanks to the internet and is continuously shaping all future trends. With the increasing expectations of a consumer, it is now very important for brands and entrepreneurs to step up and match that expectation. Among several trends we have seen take over the industries, here are the top trends we have identified that will shape this year.

Mixing prints with Fashion:
This is a no brainer but we can’t let it slide. As this is a very important trend that keeps on evolving over time. Mix it with fashion in the right way and you have got yourself a knockout collection which is suitable for all the seasons. Play with Floral, Camouflage, Stripes, Plaid, Animal prints, or even Polka Dots. These are some of the classics we never get tired of.

Embrace the bold:
Bright, bold colors certainly add a “pop” to your wardrobe, outside or inside. It is quickly becoming the hottest trend that is taking over the Fashion Industry like a wildfire. Embracing the fun side of fashion certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, we can always start with less. Adding bold neon colors to your innerwear is definitely a headstart to this fun town.

Shine a light:
In this universe of sheen and shine, we can certainly add a more aesthetic experience to our closet. While Metallics are an essential part of technology, cosmetic, and furnishing industries, it has certainly made its way to fashion. The metallic finish has always enjoyed a remarkable place in the world of design. Metallics are embedded in glamour however you wear it. It elevates one’s wardrobe and luminosity, immediately grabbing everyone’s attention. Innerwear made with glimmering threads and tailored to all your comfort needs is absolutely a step towards a fashion-forward level.

While we covered the top trends to look forward to in 2019, there is another aspect of this which is of equal relevance and that is fabric. By most standards, we are always stuck to one fabric that comes to mind, which is cotton. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong in it there are certainly questions like performance and durability to think about. Materials like MicroModal have entered the market and are certainly a more preferable choice in comparison to cotton for innerwear. Breathability, support, soft-silky-Feel, moisture handling ability, quick drying, ability to stretch, are some of the features MicroModal excels at. There has been a rise in the disposable income of an average Indian and that is clearly visible in the consumer trends. Due to exposure of global brands, consumers today make a
highly informed fashion conscious choice and are aware of their needs.