Well, I would say, So far, the journey has been one of learning, growing and one with these values at its crux. I spent my college years studying Marketing and Finance at Northeastern University, Boston. Later that I moved to Seattle to work at the mecca of e-commerce in Amazon as a Digital Advertising Analyst and worked with companies like John Hancock, EMC, and Amazon. As my previous venture, It was a great experience, When we created ‘PostFold’, we hoped for it to stand for its culture, honesty, credibility, and style.

As a young entrepreneur, my PostFold was created when we felt there was a need for a certain bracket of clothing in the market. Clothes that looked beautiful, were made with premium fabrics but were still affordable to the quality conscious people. What gives me immense happiness is the fact that we have been able to achieve all this quite successfully and with ethical practices in place. We also have a large base of very loyal customers who have been with us for a while now and the numbers are only growing.

The vision was to create a brand that everybody would trust, rely on and be able to afford all at the same time. And we wanted to do it in a manner which was transparent and ethical. As we grow, we now have a mission to change how people view affordable clothing- it doesn’t have to compromise on quality or the ethics of the manufacturing process. The silhouettes we create are timeless and effortless; made to be worn from desk to dinner. The fabrics used are innovative and of premium quality like Supima®, TencelTM, hydrophobic finish pure cotton, linen, etc. The prices are humble and the clothes are made to last.

The initial inspiration behind my work that I would like to share is, it was our own need. We couldn’t find the right clothing at the right prices and that is what gave birth to PostFold. However, now the need to do more and do better is what constantly drives us as a team. We prioritize first. Product is key, quality comes first and we ask ourselves how will this benefit the customers. Once we shortlist these, we plan the production, organize it and then the planning process for the market launch & sales begins.

It was said by one of our interns as people skills and empathy is something she picked up when she had to learn to work with people from all walks of life.  the point of improvements person’s knowledge or skills that have been developed,  as another observation that was shared with us was that since we are a relatively small team, everyone knows each other personally and asking questions never seemed like trouble. Rather it was encouraged and helped their learning curve. We also think that while it’s important to have creative freedom and every idea matters, it’s important to keep the customers’ preferences in mind and the balance is something we like people to learn with us.

On our biggest accomplishments that I would like to say as We recently started international shipping and are now shipping to the USA. Otherwise, we have been featured in the Economic Times, Vogue and even Entrepreneur magazine! Our proudest moment so far, however, was to be nominated for Business World Future Design Awards 2018 in the Product Design category for our Supima® Knit Shirts.

Most customers are still more discount centric than quality centric. This is something that really is disappointing for a brand like ours that is striving to achieve the best possible quality at honest prices. Our market so prices sensitive that quality is something most people don’t consider, especially when purchasing online.

Actually, There are many brands for which I can say the competitors, but in the market today that offer a huge variety of clothing at seemingly affordable prices. They have a much more mass appeal because of their scales of production and marketing. However, we can confidently say that we promise better quality while keeping our prices at par with customer budget. Here the biggest misconception that can happen that any online brand faces is that customers feel that what they are being offered might not be the same as what will be delivered. It feels too good to be true. It’s very difficult to convince people of quality when they cannot actually touch or feel the product.

firmly believe that a company is only as good as its team. It’s vital to understand each other’s value. Also, communication amongst the team members is key for a strong team. The younger generation now needs to understand that good things take time and not everything yields immediate results.