The launch of globalkart creates easy access to global products for Indian consumers

The new e-commerce venture will curate innovative products from different parts of the world and bring them to Indian consumers at global prices

Sanket Agarwal, an e-commerce industry veteran launches his own venture in the e-commerce space by the name of Sanket was earlier associated with Club Factory and PayTM mall. have its offerings vastly differentiated with carefully curated products from markets across the globe. Currently bootstrapped, the venture is launched with some specialty products from countries like USA, Netherland, and Finland.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sanket Agarwal, CEO, said, “We aim to bring unmatched online shopping experience both in terms of products and technology for Indian consumers. Our E-commerce platform is more solution centric and has products addressing certain needs of the consumers. With the use of next-gen technology and efficient supply chain, we aim to provide global products fast and efficiently at consumers’ doorsteps.” 

He further added, “One of the major pain points of the consumers is the payment method for global products and how to bring them into India. We would offer COD and local payment methods for international products.”

The main product categories on the platform would have three verticals namely innovation, fashion, and essentials. The innovation vertical will have some never-seen-before global products like Air Tamer(a wearable air purifier), Senz Umbrella, Nut Find 3, etc., the fashion vertical will have some latest and trending products from the fashion and lifestyle industry and the essential vertical will have the problem-solving products that will make the daily work easier. 

Some of the features include photograph tagging for product location. This would enable consumers to determine the real-life suitability of the product and order from social media platforms with just one click. Other interesting innovations include augmented and virtual reality for visualization and referral for community formation.

The idea of is conceptualized with a vision to revolutionize the online commerce experience in India and globally. The company aims to ‘make international shopping like local shopping’ by providing an e-commerce portal that catered to global fashion products and other related domains. The company has the plan to launch the operation in other countries also in the near future. portal is infused with the latest developments in the technology front. The consumers will experience the next generation technology innovations and discoveries offered by an e-commerce portal to make shopping easy and smooth. Focused to its vision of circumventing geographical boundaries and dissolving international barriers to facilitate all the modern users, the likes of Augmented Reality to the Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence to the Cloud and an unequaled international E-commerce 3.0 platform has been applied. A novel payment method that alleviates the customers from the hassles of complicated payment systems and customs review.

To bring a plan of such potential to reality the team is constructed of Industry’s best-placed individuals. The team behind the framework and structure is a mix of young and experienced minds who share a common vision of creating a unique, unprecedented platform. Ms. Dawn Wu, Co-founder, holds an experience of more than 19 years at a leading position in TNT Express while, Mr. Saksham Kukreja, Co-founder, has worked with organizations like Motherson and Tech Mahindra. Mr. Saurabh Agarwal, Co-founder, and CTO, is a highly experienced individual and a Solution Architect who has worked with top firms like Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei Technologies in leading positions