Vanity Wagon is India’s first and only online marketplace, which brings the best of India’s organic and natural beauty brands to Indian consumers. It is a young, smart and playful brand that makes Indian millennials switch to clean and trendy beautification. Prateek and Naina Ruhail who along with Sahil Shrestha, are Brains mind Vanity Wagon. Naina cracked the idea when she was pursuing her studies in Beauty & Fashion at London School of Styling and London School of Makeup, Looking at UK market for shopping for organic and natural beauty care products was prevalent and quite easy, as there were dedicated platforms and brands offering just organic and natural products.
However, the Indian online beauty market is currently pegged at $150 million. The market size is growing 10 times per year and is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025. The market size of organic beauty products is currently $42 million. It is Growing at 52% annually and will reach $143 million by 2020, According to Red Seer Consulting.

Besides, the market research and study showed tremendous industry growth and also a promise for a brand like Vanity Wagon to create a niche space for itself. The idea got validated when the first stage of research was conducted about the beauty market in India. The organic beauty market with the fast growth of over 52% proved that the consumers of India were making the switch and a marketplace like Vanity Wagon would just make it easier, With having uniqueness to ensure No Misguided purchases unlike the large e-commerce players in the market and enable our users to buy anything from the website and still be assured its without harmful chemicals and naturally driven.


Naina Ruhail, Co-Founder, Vanity Wagon


By creating a niche market for the brand, Vanity Wagon enrich themselves to ensure product authenticity, continuous customer engagement, providing information about product to customer than competitors and making shopping experience easier, smoother and faster, which launched Vanity Wagon led across all metro cities in India, with serving 10,000 pin codes from the day of launch. Looking further coming years Vanity Wagon wants to serve customers through an omnichannel strategy, thereby aiming to open 15 stores by the end of 2022. With the vision of bringing together 150 Indian natural and organic beauty brands to build Vanity Wagon community, Also shipping Indian organic beauty products to 5 offshore territories.

Currently, Vanity Wagon is bootstrapped and working towards raising early-stage investment in FY 19-20. The Vanity Wagon has been consistently witnessing a huge amount of traction with growing user-base and repeat customers, which lead to the success of the business model started by a trio.