Leading coach Geeta Ramakrishnan collaborates with Vrudhi Holistic Healthcare Clinic

Celebrated ontological coach and successful author Geeta Ramakrishnan conducted a lively workshop about “Change” on 19th September at Style N file Powai. The workshop was based on the #1 Amazon bestseller ‘The Game of Change’ written by her. It was attended by an enthusiastic audience comprising entrepreneurs, homemakers, children, professionals, managers, and other achievers.

The objective of this workshop was to help each individual discover their ideal self without getting stressed by changes in their lives. The workshop covered the introduction of change, roles played by different people, challenges faced by individuals, and various creative ways to deal with the changes. It was highly enlightening, engaging and the audience wholeheartedly participated.

Accepting change rather than resisting it can be extremely beneficial. It can reveal your strengths, make you more compassionate, enable you to be flexible, force you to challenge the status quo and could result in new opportunities.

During the workshop, Ms. Geeta opined, “Change is the only constant. Yet most of us are averse about it. This causes unnecessary stress in our professional and personal lives. However, if we accept change as an inevitable part of our lives and know how to deal with it, then it can help us progress into being a better version of ourselves”

Dr. Bhavi Mody said “I have seen my patients undergo immense stress just because of certain changes in their lives. I have been highly impressed with Ms. Geeta’s work and her book left a lasting impression on me. It’s my pleasure to have her here and listen to her speaking to a varied audience about the importance of “Change.”

The participants took away some fantastic insights from this workshop and were keen to implement the learnings from it in their professional and personal endeavors.