Shivani Gupta, the only Indian Woman ever to change the SME of Indian Market one IPO at a time

The First Indian Woman ever to change SME of Indian Market. Indian women are breaking down societal barriers and have become pioneers across industries. The finance sector hasn’t been left untouched by this wave either. Although sexism in our workplaces still goes a lot to be desired, various women in India have risen from the ranks based on their talent, hard work and intelligence.

One of the women who has spearheaded the much-needed change in the landscape of the world of finance and that too helping industries to launch their IPO is Shivani Gupta. Shivani Gupta, partner, 360 Financials, is working in the equity markets and helping to encourage more SME companies to go public.

With just three years of financial experience, Shivani Gupta is one of the partners in 360Financials, one of the leading merchant bankers of Rajasthan.

She joined 360Financials two years back as an employee, but her hard work, smart strategic decision making, and level of involvement compelled the founders of the company to make her one of the partners.  Recently Shivani Gupta helped one of the well known SME, Kranti Industries to Launch an IPO. Talking about IPO Launch, there are not many women in this sector, and Shivani Gupta is making her mark by her outstanding performance in helping SMEs to launch an IPO.


Shivani Gupta CA by profession. She was comfortably working for EY at a double-digit package in Gurgaon, but soon due to a family emergency, she shifted back to Jaipur within seven months of her employment and joined 360 financials. She always worked hard in the company while she was an employee who got her the attention of other stakeholders of the company. Soon her strategic decision making and level of involvement in the core decision making compelled the other partners to make her one of them.

She knew nothing about IPO when she joined in, and today, she learned, and she delivered an IPO successfully.

To sum up, women like Shivani Gupta invigorate our belief that anything is possible. She has not only guided their companies towards success but also made significant contributions to their respective finance sectors as a whole. Even, therefore, she serves as an inspiration to all those women who still think that certain jobs are impossible for a woman to handle. Women like her make us believe that talent and hard work is the key to success, and gender has got nothing to do with it.

360 Financials is a full planning firm providing every single financial solution under one roof. Their profound knowledge paired with traditional financial planning allows them to serve the customers better – no matter what their requirements may be.  360 Financials aims to create a global business ecosystem which covers all the ambits of the financial sector for SME’s. Currently, there are very less consulting firms who aims to stabilise and grow SME’s, and 360 Financials works aggressively on improving SME’s by analysing the gaps in the market and needs of the SME’s and then derive a solution for them

They’ve recently helped Kranti Industries launch an SME IPO.  In coming months, they’ll be helping five more SME’s to start their IPO.

Few of the services offered by 360 financials are IPO’s, Investment Banking, Private Equity funding, Loans, Virtual CFO, Insurance, Wealth Management, International Incorporation and many more to grow SME’s

IPO is the next big step for growth for SME’s which SME’s are not aware off